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Orion Abbey Consulting Network develops Expansion Strategy for Tech Distributor

$3Bn global tech distribution firm engages an Orion Abbey Consulting Network consultant to ideate top-line revenue generation opportunities.

Newegg, familiar to most as a distributor of #gaming computers and components, recently forayed into unfamiliar territory - it now operates #darkwarehouses and offers #3PL services in an effort to stave off global competition, and save cost.

Prior to completing its reverse merger with Lianlou Smart Limited (#LLIT) via SPAC (and later updating its filing to its current ticker (#NEGG) and name (Newegg Commerce, Inc.)), it engaged an #OrionAbbey Consulting Network consultant over a three days to realize potential opportunities for its #underutilizedassets, with the objective of improving top-line revenue.

#EggCoin, #MedicalDevice distribution, and myriad alternatives were illuminated under a #ResourceBasedView of the firm to define the creation of the #Newegg #FarmersMarket as prime for Newegg to serve the underserved #Agriculture market, and a prominent new customer created by the #COVID #Pandemic, and #Cannabis worker migration: the rural tech consumer.

The firms to realize the greatest portion of consumer lifetime value for those currently underserved will be those which realize quality and dependability beget customer loyalty.

Complemented by technologies including #ElonMusk's #StarLink, rich #USGovernment investment in rural broadband development, and burgeoning #Drone advancements, the opportunity to serve the rural consumer is one which will soon be available to all. The firms to realize the greatest portion of consumer lifetime value for that underserved swath of America will be those which realize #quality and #dependability beget customer #loyalty from their low-tech predecessors.

Download a portion of our sample report below:

Orion Abbey - Newegg Farmers Market
Download PPTX • 3.63MB

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